here's my review of the best carbonated banana-flavored soft drink i've ever had. also the only carbonated banana-flavored soft drink i've ever had, so the competition wasn't very fierce. there's reportedly a coconut flavor by the same company (who is supposed to have a website, but there's nobody home). something to look for on my next grocery store trip.

a very short story about the first time i bought some bana-nina tropical (yes, there's been more than one time):

as i was checking out, the person in front of me asked what it was, and i replied “i really have no idea. it just looked interesting.”

she said, “you shop like i do! that's why i'm not allowed to do the shopping any more!”

“you moron, you're standing in the checkout line of a grocery store with a bunch of groceries,” i replied.

okay, i didn't really say that last bit. but i thought it really loud.

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