april, 18, 2002 archives

after a long lull of all you suckers not spending money on me, happygofun finally came through and has claimed the coveted sponsor position at the bottom of the page. now go enlist their services to design the website (or whatever) of your dreams. as they say, everyone could use a little happygofun in their life.

here's my review of the best carbonated banana-flavored soft drink i've ever had. also the only carbonated banana-flavored soft drink i've ever had, so the competition wasn't very fierce. there's reportedly a coconut flavor by the same company (who is supposed to have a website, but there's nobody home). something to look for on my next grocery store trip.

a very short story about the first time i bought some bana-nina tropical (yes, there's been more than one time):

as i was checking out, the person in front of me asked what it was, and i replied “i really have no idea. it just looked interesting.”

she said, “you shop like i do! that's why i'm not allowed to do the shopping any more!”

“you moron, you're standing in the checkout line of a grocery store with a bunch of groceries,” i replied.

okay, i didn't really say that last bit. but i thought it really loud.

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