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go vote! go vote!

although there's no actual nudity involved, abc digitally altered diamonds are forever to change the color of plenty o'toole's panties and add a bra. she still gets thrown out the window, though. (this story is even more frightening, and i have to say that edit sounds like a good idea. the quote at the end of the article is priceless, though.)

the msnbc/newsweek commentary (via doc) on the news about the news is very telling. instead of commenting about how it might be better to measure the success of news media by how well it informs the public, it focuses on how they will find new ways to cram down advertising with the news. yeah, right.

here's one thing that “the practical futurist” really misses the boat on: producing text, images, and even video for the web, twenty-four hours a day, does not require technology with high-priced maintainence and regular upgrading. the journalists are what cost money. the hardware is only getting cheaper, and you don't really have to be on a treadmill these days, despite what the hardware and software vendors would like you to believe.

to this chump, it's all about cramming more product down the throats of consumers. bite me.

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