finally, the state offices. there's one non-partisan election (superintendent of public schools), and i'm going to be voting in the republican primary so i can cast a vote for riordan.

for superintendent, i'm going to have to go with lynne leach, although i may still change my mind. her website is the least embarrassing. (it isn't great, but compare with those of katherine h. smith and jack o'connell. the fourth candidate, joe taylor, goes right out for listing himself as a political consultant. that's supposed to be appealing?) the la times recommended jack o'connell.

for lieutenant governor, the choices are ellie michaels and bruce mcpherson (no website). downloaded the song, i'll be voting for bruce.

there's three candidates for secretary of state: mike schaefer, barbara jean marr, and keith olberg. i like what keith olberg has to say, so he looks like my guy.

dick ackerman is running unopposed for the republication nomation for attorney general. i'll skip this race.

there's four candidates for the always-exciting position of controller. w. snow hume, dean andal, tom mcclintock, and nancy beecham. andal almost had me until he touted his support for the defense of marriage act. beecham's right out for using frames (and supporting term limits). snow's out for having a silly name (and being a little too anti-things-i'm-not-anti). that leaves mcclintock, who doesn't seem all too objectionable.

there's just two candidates for treasurer, greg conlon and mary a. toman. conlon wins for most obtuse domain name, but i can't discern any real reason to favor one of these two, so i'll take a pass.

finally, there's three candidates for insurance commissioner: stefan “watchdog” stich, gary mendoza, and wes bannister. again, i can't really discern a reason to pick somebody, so i won't.

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