march, 31, 2002 archives

onward and upward to 5bx chart 3. it kicked my ass this morning, particularly the push-up variation. (i also found the difference in difficulty between doing a sit-up with your hands at your side versus behind your head surprising.)

the various leg lift exercises (the third in the routine) have always thrown me for a loop: i feel like i'm getting less than i should out of the exercise, because it's not entirely clear to me which muscles they're supposed to be working.

clearly i'm going to be lingering at the bottom of this chart while i get acclimated to these new exercises.

(researching this further, i ran across this online yoga course. probably a good alternative for someone too cheap to pay for a real yoga course. not that i know anyone like that.)

wow, i'd never heard about the sealab program before. here's more from the office of naval research. someone needs to get tom hanks interested in producing a “from the earth to the sea” miniseries.

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