march, 23, 2002 archives

these tales of doing navy seal pt not just once, but twice, are much-deserving of awe. (and both reminds me how far i am from being able to do something like this right now, and how visible it is on the horizon.)

pitcairn island is one of the most isolated places on the earth. it's an island is the south pacific populated mostly by descendants of the mutineers from the bounty. and it's embroiled in a sex scandal.

the are clearly two camps of people who develop names for phobias. one camp gives us things like cyberphobia, astrophobia, and insectophobia. the other gives us things like arachibutyrophobia, alektorophobia, and hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. i think it is obvious which group would be more fun at a party.

interesting stats: of the 18079 weblogs that the site has seen updates for since early january, 4580 are either hosted at or contain "'s Radio Weblog" in their title. of those, 2146 have updated within the last month, 953 in the last week, and 250 today. overall, 9324 sites have updated in the last month, and 4306 in the last week, and 1284 today. some day i'll start collecting the stats so i can do real historical tracking.

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