there's two issues on the ballot for the city of los angeles, proposition q and amendment r.

prop. q is a bond issue—$600 million to replace, expand, and combine the 911 dispatch center, build six community police stations, replace the metropolitan jail, build two bomb squad facilities, and renovate other police and fire facilities citywide. like the two state bond measures, this is great place to be spending money. however, i'm still basically opposed to increasing the government debt, so i'll be voting no. there's no specific 'yes on q' or 'no on q' sites, and the la times says vote yes.

amendment r would change the date of the city's primary election to early in march, and the city's municipal election to mid-may. currently they're held in mid-april and early june. i don't see any reason to oppose this. there's no websites related to this amendment, and the la times hasn't issued a recommendation. the la weekly says to vote yes (on prop. q, too).

the election is in three days. i just need to go over the county measures and offices, and the rest of the state offices.

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