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i'm 95% of the way to having a very cool little spellchecker for html forms. one thing i can't figure out how to do is set the selection on a <textarea>, given the character offset where i want to start the selection, and the length of the selection to make. it's not vital, but it would be nice to provide visual feedback of what word is going to be replaced.

i'm a little surprised at how easy it was to make this. i'd always thought it would be more painful, but the code i have is only 145 lines of php, html, and javascript. (and that includes being able to embed the 'spell check' button on any arbitrary form by just using a <script> include.)

once you get past the annoying first section, this article from the washington post (via msnbc) about redheads is an entertaining read. if only journalists were this thorough with every topic.

php is the top ".net"? it's a little humorous that microsoft doesn't even make the top ten. (via php.general.)

burn, baby burn! is a pretty brilliant idea: get a bunch of people to sign up to swap mix cds, with each person sending out five (presumably all the same, but i can imagine some people doing at least slightly customized ones) and receiving five. (via mefi.)

ah ha! the san francisco chronicle ran an article about the owners of the straw room from trading spaces. from the article: “‘Everybody thinks Trading Spaces is totally real and Trading Spaces is totally not real,’ Kilstrom said.” everybody thinks it is real? how dumb is everybody? sheesh.

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