march, 16, 2002 archives

the job market must be heating back up. within two days, there's been listings for perl-related jobs at yahoo! travel and ticketmaster ( did citysearch desert pasadena? their site makes it look like all the jobs are at their mid-wilshire office.

zeldman: “Georgia is the new Verdana. White is the new grey.” (there was more, but it got removed. i believe the gist was that grey was the new orange, and orange was the new black. i always thought that orange was the new blue.)

here's some great thoughts on the recent sermon plagiarizing incident in michigan from an episcopal priest and teacher.

(it might be worth pointing out that some people say the bible may not be entirely original, either. it's too bad that ‘myth’ is seen as such a negative term in modern english. the distinction between ‘myth’ and ‘false’ is lost on far too many people, like those that hold such a tenacious grip on a literal reading of the book of genesis.)

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