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sam clearly explains why named parameters and namespaces are good when defining interfaces. one thing i'd add is that i absolutely loathe the use of things that look like a perfectly valid url as a more general uri. when something starts with 'http://', i expect to be able to do an HTTP GET on that resource. identifiers should use a scheme other than 'http' when that is not the intended use.

(and yes, i realize that i appear to be in the hopeless minority (or very silent majority) on this, and probably attach more significance to the difference between a uri and a url than i should. but it's just the sort of thing that creates enough cognitive dissonance for me to run away from w3c specifications.)

uh oh, both my tutorial and my talk were selected for the o'reilly open source software convention 2002. that means i've got three hours and forty-five minutes, minus breaks and q&a time, of material to prepare.

chocolate chip cookies mmm, chocolate chip cookies.

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