february, 7, 2002 archives

video-game sales topped box office grosses, although that neglects to include the considerable video sales and rental markets for films. (and sales of vcrs and dvd players.) nice spin, though.

your orders: 1. look at the finalists in qvc's emerging designer's award competition. 2. recognize that the ones by p&c elements are vastly superior to everything else. 3. go vote for them. 4. pretend you're from chicago, and vote again.

after appearing in his “final episode” in december, eriq lasalle will reappear on er this season. he's not pulling a sherry stringfield (his contract still expires the end of this season), but it should be interesting to see what storyline they came up with that made them decide to bring him back. (and i wonder if more er alums will show up as part of anthony edwards's exit.)

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