february, 27, 2002 archives

i was lazy yesterday, and i forgot to do another of my proposition picks. sometimes i don't know where the time goes.

prop. 43 is another post-florida-fiasco proposition. this one would amend the state constitution state that “a voter who casts a vote in an election in accordance with the laws of this state shall have that vote counted.” it's lawyer-bait. i'm voting no.

there's no specific 'vote yes' site. the vote no site is rather spartan. the la times says to vote yes.

prop. 44 is one of the reasons i loathe california's ballot initiatives—it's a piece of legislation that could have been handled by our elected representatives, but at some point the chiropractic act snuck it's way into the state constitution, so amending it requires the uneducated masses to do so. i have to agree with the la times here: vote no to provide the impetus to get this out of the state constitution. there's no websites specifically devoted to this measure. (which gives some indication of how silly it is, i think.)

the misguided tauzin-dingell act passed the house. i like how the voting breakdown nearly matches the spending breakdown.

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