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my experience is similar to mark pascal's, as far as providing rss feeds goes. they consume a large part of the bandwidth for this site. but unlike mark, i have no problems blocking bozos who grab the feeds more than once an hour. today it was somebody grabbing the msnbc feed every five minutes. you can easily block them from a .htaccess file, mark. just add 'deny from' (using the appropriate ip address).

happy groundhog day!

from an 'internet engineering jobs' list: “need someone for small access project (8hrs). quick cash!” do my homework for me! it's not bad enough the guy is paying to take a class to learn microsoft access, he has to pay someone to do his homework. pathetic.

er, hey mark, this page is right, because they're talking about a standalone sftp program that pre-dates openssh including its own sftp program. that standalone program is now obsolete. (and just to add to the confusion, this standalone sftp program is incompatible with the protocol that the openssh sftp uses. which also should not be confused with the sftp protocol from rfc 913.)

(another) mark points out how self-serving microsoft's q&a about its new licensing policy is. and further ties it to ambrosia's piracy article.

that's why i use open-source software (very nearly exclusively—and i paid for smac). and it is like view source for the c programmer.

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