february, 14, 2002 archives

cloned cats. just what the world needs, more of these vermin roaming around. (the evil part of me wishes it could hatch a scheme to extract money from people who own pets. it would certainly be easier than extracting it from rational people.)

happy st. valentine's day!

i love banana chips, but i only end up buying them after i've forgotten that they're fried. (and thus should not be mistaken for health food.) but here's a recipe for baked banana chips that i'm going to have to give a try.

the scientific name for banana is musa sapientum, or “fruit of the wise man.” according to stories, it got that name from wise men in india encountered by alexander the great that subsisted entirely on bananas.

and here's a site with 208 banana recipes (either on the site, or as links).

mmm, bananas.

polar bear at san diego zoo this polar bear looks so content, you almost wouldn't realize that, despite it being december, the weather was quite warm for a polar bear.

then again, if all i had to do is lay around all day and wait for people to feed me fish, i could probably manage to look content even when it was unseasonably warm.

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