that last little rant made me go back and re-read some of the things i said about the situation at knowledge adventure after i left there. the latest sales rankings show that they only have one title in the top-10 home education titles. jumpstart toddlers 2000 (they're listed under vivendi-universal publishing). the jumpstart brand used to own that chart. now the only entry is a product that is nearly two years old. the december rankings are even more grim.

to this day, it astonishes me that a place that made software for children became an utterly miserable place to work, even despite the fantastic coworkers.

anybody have a million dollars burning a hole in their pocket? with that much, i bet you could develop two titles to crack the top ten, and lay the groundwork for a series that could maintain at least three positions on the monthly chart. (off the top of my head, i'd bet products targetted at the kindergarten level and early-grade math would be the two ripest fruits to pluck.)

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