december, 3, 2002 archives

open the floodgates

yikes, if i thought the traffic from yahoo! to on sunday was noteworthy, i hadn't fully thought through the implications of people getting to work on monday and opening their email of the picks. (and perhaps that's when the weekly picks email is sent?)

one fortunate thing is that i had recently optimized the main query for generating the home page for non-registered-users. unfortunately, that isn't the case for registered users, so it looks like they're bearing the brunt of the traffic spike's impact on performance.

are bits film?

as the los angeles times reports, the academy of motion picture arts and sciences recently had to decide whether digital films should be eligible for the oscar®. more interesting is the discussion of how the shift to digital is wreaking havoc with how the various movie-related unions have defined various roles, and is stirring up the sag and aftra pot again.

brother, can you spare a software license?

zdnet reports that ibm, microsoft, and other technology companies are expanding financing programs. wow, i could hardly imagine a more compelling reason to short all of those stocks.

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