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i tried to sign up with rackshack today, but their signup is broken. at one point, you get to a page to attach an account to the server (or something to that effect, the signup process is pretty tedious), and the form on the page has read-only fields for the password (and confirmation) that are empty, but which it tries to verify on submission. and since they're empty, that fails.

wanted: “unmanaged” dedicated server with reasonable connectivity and bandwidth, debian installed (or installable), and a signup process that works. i'm willing to pay $99/month. i'm not too picky about machine configuration, although a reasonable amount of ram (≥512megs) would be preferable.

i should probably look at building a server and using something like the california community colocation project, since one of the main reasons i'm looking at a dedicated server is so i can improve time to research the costs of putting together a rackmount server.

screen grab of from november 6, 2002, featuring the conviction of winona ryder for grand theft and vandalism winona ryder was found guilty of grand theft and vandalism. oh, and just in case you were wondering, there was an election yesterday, too. some people won, others lost. (and los angeles will remain one city, at least for now.)

until i stumbled across a mention of it by peter merholz, i had no idea that not everyone calls it “duck, duck, gray duck”. i guess you really can learn something new every day.

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