october, 2, 2002 archives

in pope news, cardinal francis arinze has been appointed head of congregation for divine worship, which deals with translations of religious texts. he's touted as a possible next pope. even if you quibble about the earlier black popes, it seems like a pretty big deal given the intervening centuries.

i like the point made by jordan hubbard about how mac users keep their machines in service longer (as reported by jeremy zawodny). i find that very reassuring to hear from the mouth of an apple developer as i contemplate buying one. and with the open source core (most importantly, the free developer tools), i'm fairly comfortable that i could continue using the mac for a long time, even if apple eventually stops supporting it.

speak of the devil, refurbished 17" imacs have hit the market at $1899, with various bundling deals. i'm so there once someone floats the right bundle. (smalldog's first is an extra 256mb ram, but i'd rather add an extra 512mb, and the other bundle i've seen included microsoft office, which i don't want.)

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