january, 5, 2002 archives

mike tice gets to be coach for a weekend. i remember when he played for the vikings. if they bring in tony dungy, maybe tice will end up with the offensive coordinator job. it seems unlikely that he'd go from offensive line coach to head coach.

job search, day four. still no job. something has happened with my sleeping habits so far this year. i'm waking up earlier, and not going to sleep all that much later. maybe things will return to normal if i start sleeping in my bed again. but where's the fun in that?

today's wacky search request: flirting with introverts. use a 2×4.

today's scary search request: naked invader zim. (of course, the naked mk&a searches continue unabated.)

i happened to catch a commercial for the igiá twist-a-braid, which comes with a free igiá insta-twisttm. the exciting part is that the insta-twisttm allows you to style your hair into a super-twist pony plus. it's almost worth buying the whole package just for that alone. unfortunately, there's no pictures of this exciting hairstyle on the website.

plate of shrimp. i was noodling around with syntax ideas for a new programming language the other day (yeah, i'm a geek), and started to realize i was reinventing ruby (which i don't really know). now today there's a freshmeat article on ruby. i may have to pick up a ruby book.

/. asks: can china pull an india? i pulled my india once. it was sore for a week. (thank you. i'll be here all week.)

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