january, 4, 2002 archives

job search, day three: no job yet. but is it really fair to call it a job search when the extent of the search is just deleting inappropriate jobs mailed from craigslist.org? (on the plus side, i actually managed to make a half-batch of most excellent tortillas without burning a single one. i usually go three-for-four. and i put together a new fancy-schmancy bug viewing/editing form for bugs.php.net, which isn't live yet.)

there's much ado in the sports press about dennis green possibly being fired as vikings coach. he's a wacky guy. it would be interesting if they did end up hiring dungy. (then they need a running back. and a defense.)

new glasses. i can see again! woohoo! now i just need something worth looking at.

these screenshots of lindowsos just remind me how i'm totally over the beveled-3d look.

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