today's excursion in home economics.

6×14.5oz. vegetable stock @ 90¢ each = $5.40

  1lb. leeks @ $1.39/lb.
+ ¼ bunch celery @ $1.39
+ ½lb. carrots @ 99¢/2lbs.
+ ½lb. (2) portabella mushrooms @ $6.99/lb.
+ 1lb. (2) russet potatoes @ 99¢/lb.
+ ¾lb. (2) turnips @ 89¢/lb.
+ ½ package fresh thyme @ $1.89
+ ½ bunch parsley @ 69¢
+ various other spices and minor vegetables
≅ $8.50 for ~10 cups homemade stock.

flavor-wise, the homemade vegetable stock is the clear victor. it's the portabella mushrooms that pushed it over the top, cost-wise. i'll have to pay more attention to what variety of mushroom i'm buying next time. (there are other ways to make both options cheaper, of course. buy the pre-made stock in cartons. buy vegetables in greater bulk, especially carrots and potatoes. use dried thyme. use dried mushrooms. buy everything on sale.)

anyway, now i've got stock for soup and risotto for the next few weeks. yum. (maybe another time i'll figure out what it costs to make hummus. or granola. or bread. but then i'd have to remember to look at how much that stuff actually costs from the grocery store.)

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