january, 25, 2002 archives

in this terrible ad market, the modesto bee increased ad revenue by 6% by focusing on selling ad space to smaller businesses. meanwhile, major advertisers are taking note of the web. but unless you're aoltimewarner or msn, i'm willing to bet the real money is in small advertisers. and with a self-service approach like google's adwords, it doesn't even have to be expensive to support small advertisers.

ev echoes my earlier comment about how yahoo should make it easy to pay to remove ads from yahoo groups. instead, they seem to be focusing on making the advertising more annoying. surely they aren't raking in enough cash from x-10.com for that to be a worthwhile endeavour.

wow, nothing like sending someone who hates a director's earlier work to review his latest film. (bollocks to this guy. i enjoyed solondz's first two films, and american movie, and not because i enjoyed laughing at any perceived superiority to the characters within those movies.)

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