january, 21, 2002 archives

wow. investors want idealab! liquidated. somehow i doubt i'll see a penny, despite holding a few idealab shares.

hey dave, here's the blogger api expressed in an interface description language. (my xml-rpc server code uses the descriptions to figure out how to convert types on the way in and out, and dispatch the calls.) here's descriptions of the weblogs.com interface and the validation test suite. and the source code to use this last description to implement the server-side of the validation suite.

my plan is to someday use the same description files for generating client-side interfaces in php. but i haven't had a need to make any xml-rpc calls from php, so i haven't written the code yet.

jd pointed to ten things google has found to be true, which is brilliant. so much of it is about respect and trust. it's too bad they're located in silicon valley.

someone has put the royal canadian air force's 5bx plan for physical fitness online. (as well as the xbx plan 'for ladies'.)

well, with seven sales to my name, and a 5/5 feedback rating, i decided to go ahead and list more stuff for sale on half.com. the 'introduction to ada' book i've got apparently doesn't really exist. (but it isn't mine, anyway. it looks like i borrowed it in college from someone and never returned it.)

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