january, 15, 2002 archives

cowboys & indians magazine ('the premier magazine of the west') published a list of the 100 greatest westerns. john schulian takes exception to some of the entries (and their order). i think he's dead wrong about high noon, which is my favorite western, followed closely by sergio leone's films. (and one of the best first-person shooters ever was lucasarts' outlaws. someone needs to make a western-themed game as cool as that with one of the later-generation game engines.)

speaking of outlaws, i remembered i had another box of cd-rom games, so i updated the list. i even found two copies of knowledgeland. (useless, since the server is long gone.)

i guess i underwent a list-making frenzy after updating the list of games. here's my list of comics. i can't believe there's so many gaps in my run of chip 'n' dale, rescue rangers issues.

those crazy russians are updating their rules for spelling. i like the last quote in the article: “at the moment it's a hodgepodge and that's not good for a civilized nation.”

my feed of inside.com headlines made radio userland's top 100 feeds listing. the only problem is that the feed has been dead since the middle of last october. that feed and the dead industry standard feed get about 700 hits a day from radio userland clients. grr. (never mind the two bozos who i blocked from the feeds entirely who still make about 500 hits per day trying to reach them.)

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