go sixers.


FUCK THE SIXERS. They don't stand a chance. The story of David & Goliath is a fairy tale designed to make the weak feel strong. In this case, reality will strike and the Lakers will come down HARD with a vengeance the NBA has never before seen.

» Rick (link) » june 8, 2001 1:25pm

Since we know the trainedmonkey doesn

» fritzkafka » june 8, 2001 2:21pm

If I remember correctly, trainedmonkey only likes the Vikings... and that alone says enough about the guy. (want to put a friendly wager on the upcoming season?)

» Todd (link) » june 8, 2001 6:09pm

okay, i actually watched most of the second game. that's supposed to be the best team in basketball? if the sixers hadn't taken a page from shaq's free throw book, the game would have been theirs. iverson rocks. and is it just me, or shaq just about the least interesting basketball player you've ever watched play? (and no betting on the vikes for me. i haven't followed the off-season action for the rest of the league at all. did they finally kick san diego out?)

» jim (link) » june 9, 2001 12:09am

1. yes, it's true that shaq is a talentless ogre.

2. no one has replaced jordan - no one ever will.

3. iverson played awesome in game 1.

4. lakers will win the championship.

» Arvind (link) » june 11, 2001 7:59pm

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