april 20, 2001 archives

buffy leaps from the wb to upn. wow. i'm not a huge buffy fan (that 70's show wins my tivo's heart in that timeslot), but it is a very interesting development.

here's a small picture of my desk: a picture of my desk

just testing whether i can copy images from my camera under linux (obviously i can). now the trick will be figuring out how to copy mp3s to the camera. (it is a fuji finepix 40i, which also plays mp3s. i use it more for mp3-playing than picture-taking, so far.)

speaking of the finepix 40i, here's a very thorough review. (my less-thorough review: i like it.)

reportedly, pdquick is closing up shop. a thirteen-year-old company, formerly with the much cooler name of "pink dot", ruined by making a grab for the net. it is a shame to see the net bubble burst eat an older company like that.

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