in a fit of madness, i reclaimed some cabling i had stuffed into the ceiling and a wintv card stuffed in a drawer, and now i can watch tv on my computer through the miracle of xawtv. pretty silly. i need a proper 1/4" patch cable to get stereo sound, but it appears to work. i configured a couple of sawfish bindings so i have easy channel-up and channel-down buttons.

i also set it up so that the scroll lock led on my keyboard flashes when i've got email. once i get around to setting up my modemblaster, that will include voicemail, too.

i plan to do silly things with the modemblaster once i set it up. i'm waiting until i get the replacement hard drive from seagate so i only have to screw around with my server once. (the cd-rom is currently dead because i accidently left it disconnected when removing the dead hard drive.)

(oh, and i upgraded to the 2.4.2 kernel on my desktop to get the wintv card to work. a little excitement with mkinitrd not understanding /dev/root, but once i realized mkinitrd was a perl script, a little kung fu was applied and things fell into place.)

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