october, 18, 2000 archives

this article has an interesting perspective on the examples used in technical books.

now with extra-crunchy stock-quote flavor. based on code from this presentation, which was based on code from somewhere else. thanks to yahoo! for the free quotes, even if this isn't what they intended it be used for and i'm likely breaking some terms of service agreement that i haven't read but have agreed to by merely looking at yahoo!.

(hey, i'd go legit and sign up with something like newsalert, but i'd just end up linking the quotes to yahoo!, anyway, since they have the best articles-linked-to-ticker-symbol system i've found. and that costs bucks, and this makes no bucks.)

the "log this" bookmarklet is très cool. it needs a preview button, though.

songs in the key of springfield is an incredibly mood-lifting album. (guess i should become a b&n affiliate. whatever. you're just going to download the songs from napster anyways.)

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