the deluge

the deluge by stephen markley reminded me of the ministry for the future by kim stanley robinson but it is almost exclusively focused on the united states grappling with the climate crisis over the next decade instead of the whole world. that means there is a lot more domestic politics, and while the characters are pretty broadly drawn it is altogether plausible in a pretty unsettling way.

one of the threads in the ministry for the future that stays pretty much in the background is the actions of eco-terrorists, but this is developed much more extensively in the deluge. as a result, it ties into the other story lines in a more organic way.

the domestic politics also echo our missing hearts in some aspects. definitely another book from the post-trump era. (he hopefully calls it, rather than mid-trump.)

it is hard to look back at how the pandemic has played out and see any hope for the climate crisis being addressed in any meaningful way. it has been less than a week since much of the east coast was blanketed in smoke from canadian wildfires, and it already feels like everyone has moved on. but the fires are still burning.

another book i would recommend, if you are up to reading quasi-apocalyptic plausible fiction.

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