sometimes you leave money on the table

some people can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea that an event like the red bull soapbox race isn’t a free pass for the nearby businesses to rake in money, much like the downtown art walk isn’t.

i have probably been guilty of making similar statements about other people’s businesses before, and will be in the future. but it is good to remember that leaving money on the table is often reasonable and justifiable.


Good point. Often times these events don't actually produce much in terms of extra revenue to be quite honest. After speaking to other business owners in the immediate area, the red bull race was a dud for most. Also, that 110k estimate given by redbull and echoed by many was way off in my opinion. Either way, it was a fun event and it did bring the community together and introduce downtown to those that haven't been down here.

» jont » october 2, 2009 11:39am

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