cheap date

cheap date

before we brought wonton home, we picked up a few dog toys. and we’ve added a few more since then. but his new favorite toy is wadded-up pieces of packing paper from amazon. he almost knows how to play fetch with them.

and the first time he chased one down, but kept kicking away with his paws before he could snatch it up in his mouth, was one of the most adorable puppy moments you could have ever seen.

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Be careful w/ the paper toy thing- Wonton might decide that trash can is the new "toy chest" if he gets a chance :-)

I didn't realize Wonton was so young- did you just get him around when June 19th pic was taken? He's so cute, but you have your hands full now for a few months. You must get no sleep with new puppy and all the other web sites you do, not to mention having a demanding job.

Keep the pics and stories of Wonton coming (along with the software and downtown stuff too)!

» Eric (link) » july 4, 2007 2:57pm

the biggest handful that jim has to deal with isn't the new puppy or work stuff (which sounds like all made up gobbledy-gook to me, anyway), it's his wife. she's a piece of work.

in this picture, it doesn't look like wonton is chewing on a wadded up piece of packing paper, it looks like wonton is eating BRAAAIIIINNNN!

» downtown toilet (link) » july 7, 2007 2:31pm

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