i asked for a non-smoking room

smoky film shoot this video shoot set up in the parking lot behind our building and started making use of their smoke machine, which naturally blew up into our windows.

celia went down to have words with them, and finally got their useless filmla rep, who had never heard of the new downtown filming rules. (the notifications for today’s 6am start time went out last night, and those said it was “pending community survey”?)

i called filmla while celia was down getting the run-around from the production, and they didn’t answer their phone.

the smoke has done wonders for my cough.

the production was called “natasha”, the production company was crossroads films, and their film permit was F-205458. the location manager, who refused to talk to celia, was bruce boehner, 213-925-5379.


Wow, I guess I miss all the 533 LA fun when I am at work.

» Jeff Prosser » may 15, 2007 11:01am

jeff, you can look forward to fun for all this friday night/saturday morning when the production across the street shoots until 4am - and the cast/crew go back to their cars in that parking lot and wake us all up with the honking and dropping of metal pipes.

» celia (link) » may 17, 2007 4:33pm

I think it is amazing how people who move to LA bitch about filming in their neighborhood. This is a city that was built on the film industry. It's not like you live in Ohio and all of a sudden a film crew shows up and screws up your life. Please people! Also, just so you know...the smoke that is used is not actually smoke, it is Co2..which is a much fluffier version of dry ice. So the only thing that could be affecting your cough is your own imagination. LOL

» Dogwalker » august 2, 2009 4:05am

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