my email to virgin mobile usa

On December 31, I placed an order for a phone (order number removed).

On January 2, I was contacted by one of your representatives, told there had been a problem with my order, and provided my details to place a new order (order number removed).

On January 4, both phones arrived.

Today I called to find out what I should do to return the second phone, sent due to your mistake, and was told I would be responsible for paying shipping to return the phone to you (rma number removed).

I do not find this acceptable. What can you do to rectify this problem?



the response:

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Since there was an error in our system, we sent you the phone you ordered and another one for free! If you wanted to return this free gift from us to you, we ask that you contact a live advisor at the number provided below to set up the return. Unfortunately, we do ask that you pay for the shipping of an unwanted phone. What I would suggest doing is giving the phone to a friend and getting our Kickback bonus. This is a $20 bonus we give to you for referring a friend to our company.

so, anyone want a free virgin mobile usa phone?

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that's the first sign to discontinue service immediately. how lame is that.

» arvind » january 5, 2006 7:51pm

ill take it send it to 1932 dembrigh lane addressed to owner of house. ill send you the shipping charge

» Joe » august 23, 2006 7:31pm

I am, and have been a VM customer for a couple years
or more. I recently purchased a replacement phone
from VM. That phone has proven to be defective, and
NEEDS to be replaced. I can neither make or receive
calls. This has been going on for over a week, the
problem of the defective phone has been going on since
the first part of March.

I am getting the run-a-round at "our team". They tell
me to call, I do, and nothing gets accomplished to get
my phone working. I complain via email, and they tell
me to call, I do, and I am told to do the same things
over and over that dont work, and I am told to call, I
do, and I get stuck in the same loop.

I was told that my phone would be fixed within 24hrs,
then that was changed to 48hrs after the first 24hrs
had expired. It is now over 4 days after the 48hr
deadline and my VM phone is still not working.

Would you know to whom I could email that can actually
FIX my problem? And PLEASE DONT tell me to write
"ourteam", because I have sent over 25 emails to them,
and nothing has changed. I have made over 77
telephone calls to your 800 number, and that has been
equally useless.

» B. Lytes » may 2, 2007 8:06am

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