old bank district artwalk

old bank district artwalk, 2004 the old bank district artwalk will be taking place on sunday, october 2nd. you’ll have the chance to poke around the lofts of my talented neighbors, hear some other talented neighbors play their music on main street, and otherwise revel in the talentedness of my neighbors.

this is the same day is the self-guided wilshire tour, which i guess poses certain logistical problems.

there’s also some sort of evening event to celebrate the centennial of the farmers and merchants bank building, but i don’t think you’re invited. (i’m not even sure i’m invited. i’m assuming something will get slipped under my door at some point.)

the picture is from last year’s artwalk, where they had a bunch of ribbon strung out between the fixtures on either side of main street. as i recall, i spent the artwalk last year reading a book and nursing a horrible headache. here’s another picture i took last year.


i may be available that evening (oct 2) just in case you do get a flyer under the door...i'm just sayin'

looks like there will be lots of exploring to do that sunday

» shannon (link) » september 23, 2005 3:34pm

i‘ll let you know.

i’m still undecided on doing the wilshire tour (although i just ordered a ticket). i had signed up to volunteer during the artwalk, but if nobody ever gets in touch with me about it (like last year), i’ll probably try to do both.

» jim (link) » september 23, 2005 3:59pm

I'm gonna do wilshire on a metro day pass thing. probably start downtown...i'll call you that day to see if you're motivated enough to join me.

» shannon (link) » september 24, 2005 3:37pm

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