more charity mail

i think i forgot to check my mail on wednesday. so this may be two day’s worth:

the literary odyssey dinners sound kind of cool — it is a bunch of 16-40 person dinners with various authors in different sponsor’s homes. a few authors that caught me eye: michael eisner, gil garcetti, larry gelbart, thomas keller, and stan lee. each of the dinners has a different dress code. here’s the varieties:

  • business casual
  • cocktail attire
  • casual elegant
  • relaxed cocktail
  • business attire
  • rumble seat attire
  • informal attire
  • california evening casual
  • comfortably festive
  • casual
  • napa casual
  • black tie (this is for stan lee!)
  • coat and tie
  • festive attire
  • dressy casual
  • sports attire
  • jeans and jewels

i want to host one of these just so i can specify “pants optional.”

oh, and my regrowth charity t-shirt arrived, too.

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