ninety minutes

here’s how i spent ninety minutes of work today: having been asked to look at a timing related bug, i came to the conclusion that writing a good test case really required i implement an an old feature request for a sleep() function. ninety minutes later, the code is written, approved by brian aker, and pushed to the main 5.0 tree.

and it’s the first function i’ve ever added to mysql. oh yeah, and i ate dinner while i was waiting for brian to review my patch.

i’ve also got the test case written for the other bug. but there’s some question as to what the standards-defined behavior really is — from my reading of the sql:2003 spec, it’s implementation-defined. apparently our standards gurus (now on vacation) left other impressions.

we’ll probably work it out so you can get either behavior depending on what function you call to get the current timestamp.

update: thirty minutes later, paul dubois has documented the new sleep() function. i love it when a plan comes together.

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