once i’ve finally found a new home for (and i resisted the temptation to do some sort of april fools gag about that), i’ll once again have a dedicated server with some bandwidth to spare.

maybe i should dust off one of the domain names i have laying around, like, and figure out what to do with it.

another domain i registered and actually started building the site for was the idea was to do a site focused on los angeles politics and the mayoral race in particular. but then the mayoral primary election got underway, and i quickly realized that folks like kevin roderick of la observed and brian hay of the hertzberg daily digest were going to do a much better job of covering things than i had the time (or knowledge) to do.

and is the domain i registered to register for last year’s home entertainment expo, and to otherwise be able to do my video store research via something a little bit removed from this site.

but before i do anything new, i will probably tinker with this site some more. i need to make it possible to browse using the tags, and probably will restructure the archives while i’m at it. maybe i’ll think about packaging up the code for this site as yet another open source blogging tool.

or maybe i should do something that doesn’t involve programming. or computers.