end game

so i’ve hit the end game in selling blo.gs.

this is the part where i get to break out the magical measuring scale and weigh issues like the value of stock in startups vs. the value of selling to companies that are less likely to disappear (or at least change hands) in a year or two. (look, my dotcom scars are showing!)

this is a good problem to have, of course. multiple companies interested in buying the service that i am comfortable having own it.

part of me wishes one of them would manage to distinguish themselves with an offer that was clearly better than the others. but the other part of me is glad that none have, because i think i would be immediately suspicious of any such offer.

on an unrelated note, i found and fixed an ugly bug in libmysqld. it’s one of those bugs i found just by simple code inspection, and it was writing the test case that was the hard part.

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