downtown is uptown?

according to the los angeles downtown news, the new residents of downtown los angeles are rich. or in any case, outside of the middle class that richard riordan, eli broad, and a member of the governator’s administration talked about at a zócalo event last week.

here’s the original study, and thanks to eric at blogdowntown for digging up that link.

the article mentions that the study is being used as a tool to try and lure trader joe’s downtown, which i’ve already said is a good idea. in fact, when i was checking out at trader joe’s (in pasadena) on saturday, they asked for my zip code. hopefully that’s another data point in favor of a downtown location.

something that has been on mind as we’ve entered this new year is how i could be more effectively investing my money. part of my thinking is that i would love to find a way to put it to use locally. i would very much love to start a small business, even something in the retail space like that old video store idea, but that desire is still overwhelmed by the reality that i have a job that pays well and that i enjoy. maybe what i need to find is someone who wants to open something but needs some (modest) financial backing.

one quote from the study: “strong potential demand for … video stores.”


i would like to open a beach resort where i can sit around all day and do nothing. are you in? :)

» arvind » february 1, 2005 10:12am

Find a dive bar downtown (or a small restaurant with a liquor license) that I can buy for less than $300K, and I'll reserve an investment slot for you.

» Ari » february 1, 2005 1:39pm

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