i know that the cool thing to do is to ditch your wired phone and go wireless, but i’ve gone the other route and cancelled my cell service. i’ll be selling the handset for $65. i’ll probably end up picking up a pre-paid cell phone somewhere along the line.

i’m tempted to cancel my normal phone service as well, and just rely on my work voip phone, but that probably wouldn’t be appreciated. i need to look into solutions like the sipura spa-2000 that would apparently let me connect to the work voip service and another voip service like voicepulse and treat them as two analog lines. i’d be more excited about it if i used my phone at all. as it is, i rarely pay anything other than the basic monthly rate for my phone service, so switching to voip would basically be a wash. (and actually a loss, once you factor in the activiation fee and equipment.)

phone companies (cell, voip, or otherwise) need a “hermit” level of service where you pay more in per-minute charges, but the monthly fees are minimal.