he’s got radioactive blood

i’m sad to say it was only recently that it came to my attention that laemmle’s grande 4-plex is located in downtown los angeles, just a block up from the ymca. so i took advantage of the day off and saw spider-man 2. it’s not a fancy theater (just four screens with about 150 seats each, assuming they’re all the same size), but it got the job done.

the movie itself was really good. they’ve done a great job of keeping to the spirit of the spider-man comics, and avoiding all of the pitfalls that the batman film franchise managed to mire itself in. the third film is due in 2007, but after that the contracts are up for all of the principal players, so it’s wide open for spider-man 4 to be sucktastic.

i can’t decide whether the conversations in the various spider-man related forums are more sad or funny. being involved with a comic-book-derived movie is like a little special purgatory that directors and writers find themselves within.

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