free gmail accounts!

sometimes i wish i had a gmail account just so i could do giveaways of free gmail accounts. all the cool kids are doing it. somewhere, the google marketing and pr folks who might otherwise feel constrained by the pre-ipo quiet period are laughing themselves silly.


If I knew which of your addresses you are still using, I'd shove an invitation down its throat, just so you couldn't gloat about not having to deal with the precious damn things.

» Phil Ringnalda (link) » june 20, 2004 3:05pm

So, Jim, I can't quite remember: do you have a "close comments on entry nnn" built in already, or are you going to have to build one for this entry?

» Phil Ringnalda (link) » june 22, 2004 12:18am

attention, idiots

i do not have a gmail account. if you leave a comment here asking for a gmail account, you will not get it. go bother someone else.

» jim (link) » september 7, 2004 1:13pm

hey, if anyone wants a gmail account, just write me @ my mail I was one of the test users and now gmail "equiped" :-) me with 50 more invites. If anyone wants to have an gmail account just send me your mail and I will send you an invite.


» Miha Ferlez » february 4, 2005 2:56am

give me an invitation of gmail

» tutul » april 20, 2005 2:55am

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