swm seeks small digital camera

i’m thinking about getting a new small digital camera. my current one (a fuji finepix 40i) appears to have given up the ghost, and the quality of pictures from my phone is only so-so. fun for when i’m out and about, but not really so great for pictures i care anything about. on the other hand, there aren’t a whole lot of pictures i care much about — i’m not much of a photo-taking person. i’m just too self-conscious to be running around taking a lot of pictures.

the canon powershot a300 looks like the sort of camera i’d be looking to get. it doesn’t have an optical zoom, but that means it is smaller than the canon powershot a60, which is the comparably-priced model with optical zoom. (another trade-off is that the a300 is a 3.2MP camera, versus the 2.0MP for the a60.)

but if i’m really looking to drop a couple of hundred dollars on something, i could also look into getting one of those new-fangled playstation2 or gamecube things.

or i could buy nothing at all, and save the money for another day. (but i think that may mean the terrorists have won.)

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