holiday reading wrap-up

moneyball by michael lewis

this book did not fail to live up to any of my expectactions. i don’t follow baseball at all, and am only a baseball fan in the sense that i really enjoy bull durham. but i still got a lot out of this book, which details how the low-budget oakland a’s were able to field teams that got to the world series despite the bleatings of bud selig (and others) about the impossibility of doing so.

happiness™ by will ferguson

this was one of those cases where i judged a book by its cover, and decided to give it a shot. i think if my expectations hadn’t been raised quite as high by some cover blurbs comparing it to douglas adams, i would have been more impressed. don’t get me wrong: it’s a good book. just not douglas adams good.

serious play by michael schrage

actually, i’m not quite done with this one yet. not a lot of stunning insights, but at least a few, and an interesting look at the nature of innovation within companies.

prey by michael crichton

this is apparently a novelization of tremors where the graboids and entertaining characters have been replaced by half-hearted nanotechnology handwaving. it served it’s purpose of giving me something to read on the plane, but just barely.

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