development around the noho red line station

from today's daily news, a report that a valley entrepreneur wants to build a $100 million sports and music arena on land near the north hollywood red line station. while i would love to see that area developed (the three corners adjacent to the station are all undeveloped), this sounds like a colossally bad idea. such a venue, with 150 events a year, would thus be a giant black hole of wasted space 200 days a year.

i’ve been reflecting on that area in light of having read the death and life of great american cities. the major intersection to the south of the station, which is developed, is essentially 50% wasted: the television academy complex has nothing going on at the street-level, and the office building across the corner from it has the same quality. the other two corners are the tail ends of sides of the street that actually generate some foot traffic: restaurants, small shops, a pool hall, etc.

the area has great potential, but i figure what will happen is that some hugely planned development will end up being built around the subway station, sinking the existing small businesses in the area, and totally screw things up. a smart development plan for the area will need to figure out a way to effectively extend those two lively corners up to the red line station, not plop some “cultural center” next to the red line station and hope it all magically comes together.

(link via l.a. observed.)