spy kids 3d

this msnbc article about spy kids 3d mentions that they'll be handing out red-and-blue glasses. i guess it isn't feasible to do a wide release of such a film that uses polarized lenses, even though it could be full-color that way. (or does the red-blue technique yield color pictures, too?)

back when i worked at knowledge adventure, we built a small site showcasing anaglyphic images from older products, sources we found over the internet, and some that our artists made for kicks. one of the several sites i should have archived. (here's another.)

oh, and how it pains me to see where that adventure.com link goes now. these were the days.


I personaly find this to be really disturbing. I guess there's not much concern for visual continuity within in a game. I should just be happy that they left some of the cool art in the product in the last upgrade. =(

» albert (link) » july 25, 2003 12:33pm

Yeah - I noticed that the last time I was in a Zany Brainy. Presumably VU realized that JumpStart was getting its ass kicked by Disney, and figured that the way to reverse the trend was by covering up all that wierd artwork in 5th Grade. BTW, just for kicks, I asked the customer service drone what his best product for a 10 year old was - he said these two Dr. Brain products, Mind Venture and Action Reaction, used to blow the doors off of everything else in the store, but that sales were low so they stopped carrying them...

» ari » july 26, 2003 10:11am

Nice to hear there is a fan even if he isn't in the target audience.

» albert (link) » july 29, 2003 12:24am

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