back in the saddle

the surgeon was quite happy with the results (he pulled out what he described as a large firm chunk of inner disc material that was pressing against the nerve root), and though i won't be entering a limbo contest anytime soon, i'm happy too.


what is a "limbo content"? :)

» arvind » june 7, 2003 1:47pm

Glad to hear! Feel better :)

» Sterling Hughes (link) » june 7, 2003 1:57pm

Glad to hear you're feeling better and that the surgery went well. Back problems are touchy. Cheers.

» seliot » june 8, 2003 8:18am

Cool! (Did you get to keep the chunk of disc material?)

» geoff » june 9, 2003 5:09pm

no such luck.

although i would only be mildly surprised if it was an ingredient in dinner. ugh.

» jim (link) » june 9, 2003 7:30pm

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