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mathowie noticed a lot of ginger ale drinkers while flying. i've found myself asking for ginger ale on planes, too. part of it is the opportunity—it's not something i keep on hand, or you can get in most restaurants or fast food joints. on my last visit to galco's soda pop stop, i picked up a couple of ginger brews, including "jamaica's finest ginger beer" (that's a brand name, not just a proclamation). that's one toe-curling soda.


I also get ginger ale on flights. it's a comfort thing for me. ginger ale is usually less carbonated and overly sweet than the alternatives. I would not get a ginger beer on a flight.

you should try blenheim's hot hot ginger ale next time you hit the stop. people who like ginger beers seem to really like it.

» fritzkafka » march 19, 2003 6:10pm

oh, i'm not a ginger beer afficionado. there's a reason that i still have one lurking in my fridge, and the coco solo is all gone. (for completeness, i guess i should link to the ginger beer in question.)

the comfort thing is a plausible explanation. ginger ale (or 7up) is something i'll drink when ill, too.

» jim (link) » march 19, 2003 6:58pm

A few people emailed me to point out that ginger is thought to help with motion sickness, and for some odd reason that leads people to believe that artificial ginger flavor with sugar and carbonation is also good for motion sickness (a quick google search turned up mixed results on whether or not ginger ale helps).

» mathowie (link) » march 19, 2003 9:04pm

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