local representative offices, fall 2002

member, state board of equalization, 4th district
  • kenneth a. weissman, libertarian
  • john chiang, democratic
  • glen r. forsch, republican

state board of what? too many elected positions.

united states representative, 28th district

well, berman is clearly out. ross froths at the mouth too much. my kingdom for a “none of the above” choice.

member of the state assembly, 43rd district
  • ingrid geyer, republican
  • sandor j. woren, libertarian
  • dario frommer, democratic

frommer got $5,000 from disney, so he's clearly not my guy, but i can't find any info on the other two. did i mention something about a “none of the above” choice?

too many judge positions to count

they're kidding, right?

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