statewide offices, fall 2002


talk about the lamest choice since gore and bush. gulke lost me on free trade, copeland lost me on his no-commons all-property-must-be-owned rhetoric, and anyone associated with the natural law party is automatically excluded for being nuts. i guess that means i'm voting green. i feel like i shouldn't be happy about that, but i really didn't find anything immediately objectionable in camejo's platform.

lt. governor

pryzblak = nuts, king excludes himself by saying he'd only support judeo-christian judicial candidates, warren is out for supporting reparations, hannosh is out for his hysterical anti-immigration stuff. between bustamante and mcpherson, i really don't see a huge amount of daylight, and this is a pretty pointless office. so wright sneaks in the back door for running on a silly issue.

secretary of state

noonan is out for actually bothering to list the endorsement of a blood relative, and allison = nuts. the secretary of state role basically boils down to election management, so i'd support a third party candidate over a democrat or republican. lightfoot gets my vote for her saying the magic words about requiring a paper trail in electronic voting.


mcclintock lost me with the lapdog stuff, vance has no site, and aguirre = nuts. i'm going to have to hold the dotcom thing against westly, and vote for wells.

  • jeanne-marie rosenmeier, green
  • nathan e. johnson, american independent
  • marian smithson, libertarian
  • greg conlon, republican
  • sylvia valentine, natural law
  • phil angelides, democratic

conlon lost me when his machine left a message on my machine. beyond that, i don't see a reason to really care. i'll skip this one.

attorney general

lockyer was on the side of good in the antitrust case against microsoft, even if the feds caved and it appears the dissenting states will just accept the lame settlement. that's good enough for my vote.

insurance commissioner

making this an elected position was a mistake. i'm not even going to bother.

superintendent of public instruction

smith lost me here, o'connell lost me with the "coming soon" sections on his website the day before the election. idiot.

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